A naked man walking the streets of Fresno is tased by police officers, and the whole thing is caught on camera.
On Tuesday, drivers in the Fresno and Ashlan area saw something you don’t see everyday. A completely naked man walked away from Fresno Police Officers despite them giving him multiple commands to stop. Deputy Chief Lydia Carrasco said officers felt threatened by the naked man, identified as 38-year old Scott Buchnoff.
Carrasco said, “His fists were clenched in an aggressive manner. He was walking at a fast past in an aggressive manner.”
She said Buchnoff also told officers that he was quote: “going to make it rough for them”.
“At that time, the officers feared that he was going to fight them as he was refusing to submit to their commands. At that time, they tased him, taser was deployed and he was taken into custody,” stated Carrasco.
Best Buy furniture owner Howard Haj witnessed the whole ordeal.
Haj said, “I see a police officer you know, following him. He was naked, butt naked, huge guy, tall guy, and then I start seeing the police coming like three, four cars after that, and helicopters.”
Police said this isn’t the first nude run-in officers have had with Buchnoff this week. On Sunday, he was seen walking near Blackstone and Herndon. The suspect complied with officers on that day, but was admitted for a psychological evaluation. On tuesday after officers tased him, he was arrested and cited for resisting arrest. Carrasco said he indicated to officers that he was hearing voices that were telling him to take his clothes off.