A unique little kitten is helping a local shelter get the word out about spaying and nuetering your animals. 
Little Sally Ann was left in a donation bin in at the Salvation Army in Downtown Fresno. She was found by a Salvation Army worker who called the Cat House on the Kings.
The kitten has a pattern that gives her the look of having a mustache. Some have called her Mustache Kitten.
She’s getting medical care and food. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for for thousands of other unwanted kittens and puppies. Shelters say they quickly become over-run this time of year.
“Its the beginning of the flood, especially for cats. Cats and kittens will start having litters, they already are,” Beth Caffrey with Cat House on the Kings said. 
Cat House on the Kings says Sally Ann aka Mustache Kitten should be ready for adoption within a few days.
Visit http://www.cathouseonthekings.com/ for adoption information.