63-year old Mary O'Keefe has been arrested for murdering 76-year old Bonnie Hale of North Fork.

On Saturday morning, Madera Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a house on Road 225 near North Fork after a man found his mother deceased on her front porch. Deputies say that the woman had injuries and had apparently been in some type of fight.  At about the same time Deputies were also dispatched to a welfare check of another woman who lived nearby and was showing signs of having been in a physical fight.


Deputies say that evidence gathered at both locations indicated that the deceased female had been killed by the other woman. The deceased victim has been identified as 76 year old Bonnie Hale of North Fork. Madera Detectives arrested 63 year old Mary O’Keefe of North Fork for murder and she was booked into the Madera County Department of Corrections on Saturday evening.


An autopsy will be conducted this week to determine exactly how the victim died. The murder investigation is ongoing while Detectives are gathering more evidence and trying to determine the sequence of events leading up to the death.


This is the fourth murder case in the Eastern Madera County area this year. Arrests have been made in three of the cases so far.

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