Mountain lion swims local lake, video goes viral


Right now authorities are warning about mountain lion sightings up at Lake Mcclure, after a fisherman catches one of the big cats on camera swimming in the lake.
It’s right outside of Snelling in Mariposa County.
It’s 5:30 Saturday morning, when fisherman James Horton of Fresno spots something from his boat that’s hard to believe.
“Check this out. Mountain lion swimming across the lake!,” Horton says while recording video of the animal on his cell phone.
A full grown mountain lion– swimming across the lake.
“Woo! He’s mad,” Horton is heard saying as he catches the incredible sight on camera.
Everyone who’s seen the video is stunned by it.
Horton posting on Facebook: “Who says cats don’t like water?”     
The Merced Irrigation District is warning people about recent mountain lion sightings.
MID says you should avoid being alone outside during dawn, dusk and at night near the lake.
“Come here big boy,” Horton calls out to the big cat, which in case is “a fish out of water.”
The video has more than 270,000 views on Facebook.
If you come across a mountain lion, MID says do not run away.
You should face the animal, make noise, wave your arms and throw rocks at it, to scare it away.

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