Mountain communities excited to see Thanksgiving snow


A dream come true for anyone dreaming of a white Thanksgiving in the area’s mountain communities. Snow stuck around in places 7,000 feet and above — businesses and tourists alike hope it sticks around throughout the holiday season.

Patricia Hufstedler and her family thought they were going to beat the snow Thursday. However, when they got to their cabin in Lakeshore, they couldn’t even make it inside. Luckily, they got some help from locals to get their stuff transported.

Even with a little snow delay, the So-Cal family is happy to see it cover the area.

“[We were looking forward] to be in the cabin with the fireplace, looking out to see the snow,” Hufstedler said. “But, we were hoping we’d get in the cabin before that happened.”

Local businesses welcoming the first holiday snow with open arms, too. China Peak Mountain Resort got covered in snow. A manager said its parking lot got around 4-inches, while their peak got around 8-inches.

Lakeshore General Store employees are hopeful this is a preview of what’s to come this holiday season. It’s the time they make the most money.

“The kids are out of school, they come to ski,” said Luis Lozano, one of the store’s workers. “We have 27 cabins, so folks stay here, then drive down the hill to go ski, or just spend the weekend.”

The wintry weather is expected to be in the mountains for the next couple of days. Lozano and other businesses are encouraging people to make their way up.

Of course, remember to bring your chains in case the road conditions warrant it.

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