Mother charged with murder of infant twins


A Tulare County mother could face the death penalty. Police say Heather Langdon drowned her 10-month-old twins at a motel Thursday.

The District Attorney announced she will be charged her with their murders Monday. Langdon is charged with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of assault on a child causing death and a special allegation of multiple murders. 

“As soon as you have the special allegations in count two added on, that means she’s either going to get a minimum of life without possibility of parole if she’s convicted or the death penalty,” legal analyst David Mugridge said. 

Mugridge said the DA is going as hard on Langdon as possible. “This is a significant case and this young lady has a significant legal problem in front of her. She better get a good attorney,” he said. 

Mugridge also said prosecutors will look to prove Langdon planned the alleged murders. “If you have malice, you intended to kill somebody, you can be guilty of murder,” he said. 

Without proving ‘malice’ Mugridge said the assault charges would still send Langdon away for 25 years to life.  

“Even if the defense attorney is able to say, ‘She didn’t intend to do this, maybe she was angry, but she certainly didn’t intend to kill her children’ that means that they could have gotten her perhaps on an assault,” Mugridge said.

Langdon can be convicted on some or all of the charges. She is expected to be arraigned Tuesday. 
A court date will also be set.

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