Missing woman found dead Sunday was supposed to start a new job at IHOP


Breanna Bradford, 22, never showed up for her first day of work at the IHOP on Tulare Street in downtown Fresno.

Authorities say she went missing Friday and was found dead in her car Sunday.

The news hit hard for Clarence Williams, General Manager at IHOP who had hired her right on the sport Thursday after she had what he called a ‘spectacular interview.’

“She was just beautiful, her spirit was just overwhelming,” said Williams.

Williams still had Bradford’s new employee file, it sat on table 23.

Table 23 was the last place Williams spoke to Bradford after he gave her a new employee uniform to start working for the company.

“I still remember the last words we said to each other, it was ‘see you tomorrow,'” said Williams.

Williams said Friday Bradford was supposed to show up for her first day on the job at 7:00 in the morning, she didn’t show, a frantic friend showed up looking for her instead.

“Her friend was in tears like ‘she’s missing we don’t know what happened,’ and I immediately felt uneasy,” said Williams.

Neighbors were shocked when her body was found dead inside her grey car in Southeast Fresno on Ventura and 9th streets.  

“I felt bad for her because she didn’t deserve that,” said Juanita Rodriguez, Neighbor.   

“She seemed like a nice girl, didn’t bother nobody or anything there were really no disputes over there that I had seen,” said Joshua Rodriguez, another Neighbor.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the last person seen with Bradford was her ex-boyfriend James Gonzales-Gay who she allegedly had a heated argument with the night before she disappeared.

“He is the primary person of interest in this investigation,” said Dyer.   

For Williams he said he’ll never forget the time he spent with Bradford at table 23.

“Even though I only met her for only two and a half hours, she will last a lifetime with me at this store,” said Bradford.

Authorities said Bradford’s ex-boyfriend is in police custody.

He was arrested for carjacking a mail truck Friday morning.

He is still just considered a person of interest in regards to the death of Bradford.

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