Merced Police cracking down on drivers rolling through stop signs


Police officers in Merced are cracking down on drivers rolling through stop signs around the city.

On Thursday, officers issued 25 tickets in less than an hour at the intersection of  Round Hill Drive and San Jose Avenue in Merced. 

Police got the tip from a person living in the area after they were fed up with careless drivers running through the stop sign. 

So he took matters into his own hands. 

“He had taken upon himself to make a video, sent the video to the traffic division sergeant. We watched they were five vehicles within about a minute and 26 seconds that just ran through that right turn, Merced Police Officer Craig McKeeman said. 

McKeeman said the traffic sargent was out in the neighborhood in street clothes with his police badge and would radio in motorist who were run the stop sign. 

The fine for running stop sign is around $300

” The numbers speak for themselves,” Myles Correia said.

Correia said drivers tend to push on the gas pedal after they get out of work. 

“They’re in a hurry to make that stop all of the way so they do that California stop where they kinda come to a stop and roll through,” he said. 

Emma Magallanes said this happens on a daily basis in her neighborhood. 

“They’re just going right around the corner. They don’t even care even if a person is watching,” she said.  

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