Mendota officials dispute ranking as the ‘worst city to live in the U.S.’


People living in Mendota speaking up after USA Today designated it the worst city to live in the United States. 

“I just don’t see it. I mean every town, everywhere you go, they have their bad side and good side. We’re no different than anybody else but to say we’re the worst. I just don’t believe it,” Mendota resident, Jessie Mendoza said. 

USA Today’s criteria included population, poverty rate, violent crimes, and home values. 

Six other valley cities like Firebaugh, Avenual and Orange Cover also making the top 50 list. 

The article cited Mendota as having one of the poorest populations in the country, the lack of jobs and only one percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree. 

City Manger Cristian Gonzalez said his office has been getting calls from businesses who want to set up shop including a marijuana manufacturing operation. 

Some businesses have already opened and are providing jobs. 

The city also getting ready at breaking ground on a new medical center for the people of Mendota. 

“It’s very unfortunate for them to print something like that. For a community that has a lot of pride in what it does and how it’s moving towards the future,” Gonzalez said. 

Mendota Mayor Robert Silva’s phone has been ringing non-stop after the article was published. 

Silva said the community is growing as well as the economic growth. 

“They can say what they want but it’s not true,” Silva said.

Silva and the city manager are in the process of sending a letter to USA Today letting them know of the great things happening in Mendota. 

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