Hundreds of people took to the streets of downtown Fresno Monday for the annual May Day march. The demonstration called for workers’ and immigration rights.

“Workers make the world go around,” said demonstrator Joses Magno.

At least 200 people filled the streets of downtown Fresno for this year’s May Day march. What began as a way to recognize the worldwide labor movement, has turned into much more.

“Definitely undocumented immigrants, we’re part of the weave of the fabric of the Central Valley and America,” said demonstrator Brenda Ordaz.

This year, demonstrators seemed to focus their frustration toward President Donald Trump and his policies. 

“We know Trump’s agenda right now is against unions, against immigrants and we’re here to protest and resist his agenda that’s creating a lot of hate,” said Maria Xiquin.

But, there was a handful of Trump supporters including Ben Bergquam from Sanger. He wore a Trump hat, t-shirt and held a sign reading, “support legal immigration.”

“We have to have the right as a sovereign nation to decide who comes into this country and who doesn’t and we have the right as a sovereign to enforce our immigration laws,” he said.

The march ended with a 2 hour rally at Courthouse Park with music and various organizers calling on elected officials to help raise worker wages and ensure safe work environments for everyone.

“We need to get paid properly and people need to understand that all labor is important it’s not just a doctor, it’s not just a lawyer,” said Magno.

Fresno Police reported no problems and no arrests.