Man suffers major burns in Madera honey oil explosion


A Madera man is recovering at Fresno hospital after he suffered severe burns from a honey oil lab explosion.

Madera Police and Fire responded to a home on the 700 block of Vineyard Avenue Saturday night. 
Robert Becerra, who lives next door heard a loud explosion outside, thinking it was a car crash, he went outside to check it out and quickly saw smoking coming out of his neighbors house. 

“I opened my door and I saw all of the fire in the house , in the bathroom, and in the kitchen and I ran to try to do something,” he said. 

Becerra can still hear the cries for help that came from the man who was trapped inside the home.
“He gave me a hug and he was crying. He says help me,” Becerra said.  

Police haven’t identified the man who suffered severe burns to his arms and face.
Investigators discovered evidence inside the home leading them to believe the man was making honey oil, a highly potent form of marijuana. 

“We found over 30 cans of butane, the vessel, he was trying to use, containing marijuana, a large box of marijuana. It was just obvious with the presence of the items, Madera Police Sergeant Mark Trukki said. 

The explosion damaging the house with the kitchen and bathroom walls being blown out nearly a foot from the home’s foundation.

According to police, the man is expected to recover and could face felony charges for manufacturing a controlled substance. 

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