People often hear of folks attempting to travel around the world, there was even a movie made about it.

One man from India has actually been doing it for a few years, it’s all for a good cause.

His recent stop brought him into the Central Valley.

California is the last leg on Abhishek Kumar Sharma’s America tour. He’s traveling all around the world, on his bike!

He said it’s all to raise awareness for climate change and global peace.

“These are all countries I have done,” Sharma said.

For more than three years Sharma has been riding into a new city, state and country, every day, month and year.

Sharma said as an environmentalist he wanted to share the importance of global warming with those around the world, all while riding his bike.

“I’m subbing my motor responsibility to raise awareness, to educate people, to motive people that this is the time to act together,” Sharma said.

He said he’s traveled to more than 40 countries and three continents. Sharma said he’s traveled 20 states in America. He said Fresno is the 978th city he’s visited.

Sharma said on average he’s traveling about 40 to 60 miles a day.

“I have everything, like 5 bags, one back of bag, sleeping bag, tent, bag of water, bag of food,” Sharma said.

He said his world tour is more than just a symbolic bike ride, it’s about meeting new people, like Robert Patel, owner of Best Budget Inn in Fresno on Blackstone, near Herndon.

“I’m glad I’m part of his journey,” Patel said.

Sharma said Patel is just one of many in the Indian community who’s offered a place for him to rest along his tour.

Patel said he believes in his concept.

“People think you know oh what I gonna do, one guy, what gonna do one guy but you know like one guy changes the world, so what he’s doing is kind of amazing and I’ve very proud of him,” Patel said.

Sharma said he’s thankful for all the people he’s come across. 

“This is the journey actually to get the support of the people so that they can feel that they are a part of this world tour journey,” Sharma said.

The next stop for Sharma is Sacramento, then he’ll go on to Australia, then New Zealand. Sharma said he plans to end his tour in India by 2020.

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