Man defends neighborhood from mosquitoes

When mosquitoes got out of control in this Fresno neighborhood, he went hunting

Fresno, Calif. - There's a neighborhood in Fresno that now has far fewer mosquitoes, and it's thanks to one man.

Moses Boyajian is a veteran, a father, a gardener and a mosquito fighter.

He says he was not only tired of his family and neighbors getting bit, there's West Nile and Zika to worry about.

He says mosquitoes were out of control. "If I brush my hand against this. There would be at least a hundred mosquitoes coming out of this parsley plant. You can imagine everything else." 

Boyajian is cleaning up his neighborhood, sweeping block after neighborhood block where water collects every five days for three years.

He says, "This used to be a really bad area with a swamp of water coming out six feet. It got so bad and the water was here so long before I started sweeping that it degraded the asphalt of the street."

His work is making a huge difference.

"We're showing our children how to help the community. Instead of just waiting for somebody else to do it."

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