Man arrested for vandalizing church in Central Fresno, police say

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A man has been arrested for vandalizing a church in Central Fresno. 

Fresno police say 33-year-old Alvarado Edgar Pena vandalized the Family Restoration Church on Clinton ave Wednesday morning. 

Police say he caused over $6,000 worth of damage. 

They say he used his mother’s walking cane to break 11 windows; he also used a pellet gun to shoot 4 other windows at the church.

Officials say he was wearing a surgical mask at the time of the crime. 

Good Samaritans saw the crime and notified police. Officers were able to track him down at his home on Palm ave. Police tell us he denied any involvement in the crime, but told officers that if the crime happened to the church they deserved it.

Pena was arrested for felony vandalism; police recovered his mother’s walking cane, the pellet gun, and the surgical mask at his home. 

He has been booked into the Fresno County Jail.

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