Man Accused Of Killing Partner at Porterville Home, Tulare County Deputies Say


PORTERVILLE, Calif. — A Porterville woman found dead after deputies said her partner killed her. Deputies said they have Victor Lopez for the murder.

Caution tape and Tulare County Sheriff’s Deputies block off a Porterville home on the 1100 hundred block of East Date after a woman was found dead inside.  

Deputies said it is a domestic violence incident. They arrested Victor Lopez for the murder.

The couple’s relationship os still under investigation but deputies said they got the call from a coworker after the unidentified woman didn’t show up for work on Tuesday.
“We got the initial call from a female’s coworker. She is the one that lead investigators to the scene,” said Sgt. Gary Marks, Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.

When they arrived on scene they said Lopez was still there.

 “They contacted a male on scene he fled and was later detained.”

Lopez is facing domestic violence, murder and child endangerment charges. Deputies said they are starting to let family members know the tragic news.

“It is tragic it is shocking for all persons involved. No one expects this to occur. Family is showing up there is a lot of shock and disbelief.”

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