A quick trip to the grocery store quickly turns into an attempted carjacking for one Madera woman.

According to Madera Police Sergeant Mark Trukki, the crime happened in July but the agency released the video and images on Wednesday asking the public to help identify the two suspects.

Trukki said investigators were able to obtain surveillance video from Food 4 Less located in Madera, the video shows these two men looking for an easy target.

Police said in the video, the suspects opened the victims car door and started to attack the woman.

“She was struck several times in the face and than actually drug from the vehicle by her hair,” Trukki said.

The attack happening in a matter of seconds.

The victims cries for help get the attention of some good Samaritans who rush out of the store to help.

Trukki said her actions saved her life.

The victim taking the cars keys out of the ignition.

“She was smart and took her keys with her so when they entered the vehicle and the good Samaritans came forward to help her, they had no access to the vehicle or to drive away,” he said.

The two suspects taking off in a silver Honda traveling 16 miles north on Highway 99. The suspects ditching the vehicle at the Save Mart parking lot in Chowchilla.

Police were able to obtain images of the would be carjackers from the store’s surveillance. Trukki said the silver Honda was reported stolen out of Fresno.

Jonathan Cervantes and his wife shop at the Food 4 Less but after this carjacking they’re going to be more alert of their surroundings.

“I’m more scared now for her to go by herself so I’d rather have her go with somebody else that she can be a little more safe,” he said.

Madera Police said the victim is recovering from her injuries but mentally she’s still traumatized by the attempted carjacking.

If you recognize the two suspects in those photos, you’re asked to contact Madera Police Department 559-675-4200.