MADERA, Calif. — The Madera Police Department added new technology to their force.

Officers are now wearing body cameras. They are using two but are hoping to get more in the future.

Corporal Alicia Keiser is one of the officers who has been testing out the new equipment since they implemented the program a few months ago.

“It has been a great tool. It is a great way of collecting evidence when you speak with someone it catches video and audio ,” said Alicia Keiser, Corporal.

Keiser said the body cam has already helped them in numerous situations including filming a citizens complaint and use of force situations.

The body camera is activated when the officer turns on their overhead lights.

 At the end of the day the officer saves the footage and a supervisor can view it at anytime.

“It definitely helps us avoid false complaints. It benefits the officers as well as the public,” said Sgt. Mark Trukki.

As different officers are switching off the 2 cameras at the department are being used 24 hours a day.    

Within the next 6 months to a year they are hoping to have more cameras to outfit the whole department.