Madera County Sheriff’s sergeant shot, injured in standoff; expected to recover


A Man is behind bars after shooting Madera County Sheriff’s sergeant, Mike Pace, a 28-year veteran with the department.

The shooting happened just after 9 o’clock Sunday night on the 28000 block of Avenue 15 3/4. 

Deputies said the man responsible, 39-year-old Luis Maravilla.

Investigators were out at the scene from Sunday night, all the way to Monday night, scouring the area for evidence. 

Shattered windows and dozens of bullet holes in an officer’s vehicle showed remnants of a shootout that happened Sunday night in Madera county. 

“It’s crazy, it’s scary,” said Gabby Piceno, a nearby neighbor.

Deputies said a call for a domestic dispute at the home nearly turned deadly. 

Sergeant Mike Pace was the first deputy to arrive on scene.

Officials said he was immediately met with gunfire by Maravilla. 

“Sergeant Pace was struck in the leg he was treated and transported to a regional hospital where he received care and was eventually released,” said Commander Tyson Pogue with Madera County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies said the standoff with Maravilla last nearly five hours with more than 100 rounds fired, causing even nearby train traffic to stop. 

“He (Maravilla) continued firing even after the deputy was out and other officers were on the scene so it was very volatile,” Pogue said.

Deputies said they found several guns scattered around the property, both inside and outside. But say all were legally owned. 

Deputies say the woman is OK. It’s unclear what her relationship was with Maravilla. 

They said Maravilla is facing a long list of charges from attempted murder to domestic battery. 

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