Madera County Deputies hand out cash not tickets

MADERA, Calif. - Madera County Sheriff’s department is in full force patrolling the streets this holiday season.

But today they were giving out crisp $100 bills instead of tickets.

“Hi there, how are you?,” said Jason Clark, a sergeant for Madera County Sheriff’s Department. 

Sgt. Clark said he's given out dozens of routine traffic tickets in his nearly 20 years of law enforcement but for the first time, today, he's doing it a little different. 

"We had some donors that provided some money that they would like us to pass out in the Christmas spirit,” said Clark.

Clark said AgriLand Farming Company donated $4000 to the sheriff’s department, so they could give out $100 bills to random residents.

"It's a great thing what they're doing for us and for the community,” said Clark. “I mean they want to contribute to the community and at the same time they want the community to know that law enforcement is a good thing, its positive."

The money helped impact a few lives today, one of them being Olivia Bustillos.

“They gave me a warning and when I opened my warning it was actually a 100 dollars,” said Bustillos.

She said the money couldn’t have come at a better time.

"Everything that I've been going through, it just really means a lot to me,” said Bustillos. “Especially around the holidays."

Bustillos saud she’s had a rough year and was touched by the act of generosity.

"I don't know what to say, I’m really speechless,” said Bustillos. “I'm really thankful and grateful."

Cark said today's atmosphere of hostility toward law enforcement, in some parts of the country, made handing out the money a special holiday treat. 

"To see her reaction and I can tell she was appreciative of it, it was an awesome feeling,” said Clark.

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