MADERA COUNTY, California (KGPE) – A candidate for the Madera County Board of Supervisors has been arrested, accused of driving under the influence.

The California Highway Patrol says early Wednesday morning, Hendrik Edward Block, 43, ran away after crashing into a house.

It happened on Avenue 12, near Loren Way at around 1 a.m.

According to the Madera County Elections Office, Block is running for Madera County Supervisor, in District 4, under the name of Eddie Block.

The elections office confirmed Block is on the upcoming ballot for this year’s election.

It appears his campaign website has been taken down.

Tire marks on the street and through this grass field, show the aftermath of the crash in Madera Ranchos.

Maria Chavarri says concrete pillars in front of her home prevented the car from crashing into it.

“Oh my God, it’s really scary, really really scary,” she expressed.

The CHP says Block was under the influence of alcohol when he crashed through this iron gate and then hit the home.

Madera County Board of Supervisors candidate arrested on DUI charges

“It’s a big sound like a bomb, really, like a bomb, like whoa yeah,” Chavarri described.

Chavarri says she ran out and alleges that Block tried to get away and pleaded with Chavarri not to call the police.

“Like running and telling me please don’t call the police, don’t call the police and he started to walk and he fell down over there because he was walking with his cane,” says Chavarri.

CHP says they found Block and arrested him.

“They arrested him for a certain section then they believe he was over .08,” says Gregorio Rodriguez with the California Highway Patrol – Madera.

Block was released on bail. We went to his home but an unidentified woman refused to comment.

Madera residents we spoke with say they are shocked.

“I don’t really care for anybody like that representing me nor Madera County,” says Madera White, a Madera resident.

Block’s Facebook page indicates he has had to overcome a number of challenges in life. But the CHP says that’s no excuse.

“No matter if he’s a candidate, a normal person, a public figure, it shouldn’t happen, a DUI shouldn’t happen,” says Rodriguez.

Madera County Elections Offices tells us Block will remain on the ballot. The CHP says all the charges that he is facing are misdemeanors.