Madera Co. Sheriff describes woman who allegedly abandoned baby


We’re learning more about the woman who is accused of dumping a newborn baby in the middle of the road in Madera early Monday morning.

The baby girl continues to be in good condition, according to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Jay Varney said the baby girl was found wearing only a onesie and the temperature when she was found was in the low thirties.

“We won’t really know until we talk to the mother. I mean, until we know what was it that made you take this as the method, how did this seem like a safe thing to do with the baby at the time?” asked Varney.

Varney described the woman who they believe abandoned the baby, “White female or Hispanic female, probably in her early twenties, about five foot three-ish.”

The Sheriff said a witness may have seen the woman driving a Korean model small SUV.

“The vehicle’s actually a dark navy, dark bluish or a grey vehicle,” said Varney.

The baby girl will be placed in the custody of Madera County Child Protective Services after she’s released from the hospital. Investigators said the baby did not test postively for any narcotics in it’s system.

Varney said he understands this incident has pulled on the heart strings of many in the community. But, he ended, “Any talk of adopting this baby would be grossly premature at this point.”

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