A nine-year-old boy from Los Banos has completed quite the journey on Tuesday, as he swam through the San Francisco Bay, all the way to Alcatraz Island and back.

James Savage is hoping to be the youngest swimmer on record to make the swim. The title is currently held by a 10-year-old. It’s been quite an emotion day in San Francisco, but it ended with smiles and cheers as James walked on shore, after hours in the Bay.

James began the swim at 7:00 a.m., and it took him a little over two hours to complete the feat. He struggled for a big out in the open water, about 30 minutes into the swim. James said the waves were hitting him, and the current was too strong, making it difficult for him to fight them.

In the end, however, with help from his coach and a promise from his father, James found his second wind, and was off.

“I wanted to turn back and they kept yelling, ‘I believe I you you can do it’,” said James.

“We kind of pushed each other. Finally got him going. Smooth sailing all the way,” said Josh Weinberger, Jame’s coach.

James’ father said he James completed the swim, he would receive $100, and on the water, James’ father upped the offer to $200, just to get James going again. Now that this swimming feat is completed, James said his next goal is to swim the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 8,981 feet (2,737.4 meters).