Los Angeles man loses loved ones in Fresno fatal car crash


A family is reeling from a tragedy that took two lives and left a little boy in critical condition.

It happened last month on May 26, on Highway 99, near downtown Fresno. California Highway Patrol said the car went down the embankment after hitting the bridge at the Fresno Street on-ramp.

Steven Harrison said his wife died on scene and his mother-in-law and grandson were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Harrison recalls the last conversation he had with his wife, Patrice Harrison, mother-in-law, Patricia Daniels and six-old-year grandson, Jeremiah.

“In the morning as they were leaving, I put them in the car and told them goodbye, told them to have a good time, told them I loved them,” Harrison said.

That would be the last time he would say those words before the world as he knew it, would forever change.

“On the day it was a very hard blow, the suddeness of it and the fact that I wasn’t there,” Harrison said.

Harrison and his family live in Los Angeles but he said Memorial Day weekend the women and little boy were traveling to the Merced area on an annual trip to see family.

CHP said for unknown reasons the car crashed, killing Patrice instantly. Harrison said Patricia and Jeremiah where taken to the hospital, where they both fought hard.

Patricia undergoing six surgeries before dying last Monday, just four days after Jeremiah’s sixth birthday.

“He had a second surgery on his spine to place 10 pins to support and reline his spine but has not regained any use of his legs,” Harrison said.

For 32 years, Patrice has been the love of Harrison’s life. He said a few days ago, it would have been 33. “Vibrant” is the way he described all three of his loved ones. Harrison said his wife and her mother had a special bond.

“They were inseparable, they went everywhere together, when people spoke of them they would say where’s Pat and Patrice or where’s Patrice and Pat, both ways,” Harrison said.

Saturday the family held a memorial service for both Patrice and Patricia. Harrison said his grandson was transferred to Valley Children’s Hospital two days ago and is still undergoing treatment.

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