With a freeze warning in place valley growers are watching the temperatures closely

Local News

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning tonight for most of the valley. Which, has farmers and growers keeping a close eye on the temperatures overnight. 

Keith Nilmeier has been farming in the central valley for decades. He says the temperature is always changing. But, this year he says mother nature has blessed them with a whole lot of rain. 

“The thing that has been to our benefit this year is that we have had so much rain,” says Nilmeier. “That prepares the tree and it hydrates everything so the tree is in better condition and accepts the frost.”

According to Nilmeier his oranges are sweeter because of the cold nights the valley has seen. He says the oranges have enough sugar in them to make it through tonight during the freeze warning. 

“Right now we are good down to 28 degrees for at least a four to five hour duration,” says Nilmeier.

Nilmeier says in the past during a freeze warning he has burned peach pits around his oranges and turned on his fans to circulate heat. But, he thinks his citrus will make it through tonight. 

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