FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – In-person voters are braving the rain across the Central Valley Tuesday across Fresno County’s 53 voting centers.

However, according to a study by the Journal of Politics, bad weather on election day can impact voter turnout with last-minute voters choosing to stay home.

“I like the security of handing my ballot in and watching it go in that machine,” said voter Janice Monsen.

Voters Ed and Janice Monsen are not letting wet weather wash away their votes.

“I don’t trust those mail-in ballots and those drop-offs and all that. So that’s why I like to come here and stick my ballot in the machine,” said Monsen.

So far, Fresno County Clerk James Kus says there have been no cases of ballot fraud and no active investigations of voter intimidation. At the same time, voter turnout has been underwhelming. Kus says it might be because of voter burnout.

“There have been a lot of elections in Fresno County and across the state over the last 18 months, and that may have had some effect on voter turnout for this election,” said Kus.

About 20% of Fresno County’s nearly 500,000 registered voters returned their ballots before election day, but Kus expects an influx of voters Tuesday.

“Our in-person voting has been picking up the last couple of days. we’re expecting a very busy day today.”

Kus says even though it is election day, it’s more like election week as many of these races won’t be decided by the end of the night. That is because mail-in ballots can be mailed on election day and they have until November 15th to arrive and be counted.

“We’ll continue after election day to process all the vote-by-mail ballots that we receive today, and the next week if they’re postmarked by election day,” said Kus.