CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – It’s not even December and local Christmas tree sellers are saying you should buy your tree now before the one you want is gone. 

It’s hard enough to find the perfect Christmas tree each year and sellers say you should buy now rather than later. 

Sid Boolotion, the owner of Sid’s Christmas trees on Herndon and Villa in Clovis, has been selling Christmas trees for 44 years. He says this year, inflation and Christmas tree shortages have forced him to cut back on the number of trees on his lot.

“On the growers’ end they raised their prices this year again, not as bad as last year but they did go up a little bit,” said Bootlotian. 

He says the reason behind the increase is the price of fertilizer and gas has gone up. 

“We kept our prices the same as pretty much last year to absorb the cost to help the consumer out,” he continued.  

Co-owner of the Christmas tree lot on Willow and Shepherd and Jameson Hencel have also felt the hike in prices.

“We’ve been hit a little bit but overall, our prices are pretty consistent with last year. Lots like these were full of large trees days ago but now all the big ones empty until more arrive in the coming weeks,” Hencel says.

While some say it’s too soon to buy a tree, others say it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit.

“I’m all about the fulfilling the Christmas destiny of the Christmas tree if I get it early enough it has more time to be appreciated. It’s not about getting the best tree it’s about getting more time with the tree,” says Christmas enthusiast Mae Silverio.

No matter when you buy, sellers say there are things to help your tree last longer. 

  • Shake off all loose needles on your tree 
  • Keep the base full of water and check it twice a day
  • Keep the tree away from fireplaces and heaters 
  • Trees do not like the heat and should be kept in a room 72 degrees or colder

With these steps, you can take a piece of the holiday festivities into the new year.