CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – If you see an opossum in your backyard, do not be concerned. According to Clovis Animal Services, opossums mean no harm.

If you see opossums in your yard, it is a good thing in most cases. Experts say opossums eat a number of garden pests, rodents, and reptiles. They even can help clean up your yard by eating loose garbage and fallen fruit. Opossums protect our health by eating thousands of ticks every year which defends us and our pets from tick-related illnesses.

Clovis Animal Services says that they are often believed to be aggressive or carry rabies, but neither is true. As long as food sources like garbage cans and outdoor pet food are kept secure after dark, they’re not likely to stay around for long. The best thing to do if you see one is simply to leave them be. For more information about the benefits of opossums, misconceptions, and humane ways to deter them from your yard, check out Clovis Animal Centers blog here.

If you have any questions regarding opossums or any other animal feel free to give Clovis Animal Centers a call at (559) 324-2450.