FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE)- The Fresno County Board of Supervisors must make a final decision this week on whether the Measure C transportation tax renewal will be placed on the November ballot.

On Monday, members of the community gathered to speak out against it.

“We’ve asked them to wait, we’ve asked them to come up with a better plan – what is the rush?” asked one resident in Calwa.

Residents in Calwa say their area does not reap the same benefits of Measure C that other parts of Fresno County do. They believe city and county leaders should listen to more suggestions from community members before they renew Measure C, which does not expire until 2027.

“We just want to make sure that we postpone it so we get it done right,” said one resident.

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors was set to vote on the renewal on Tuesday. However, Supervisor Nathan Magsig says the board is currently waiting on the City of Fresno’s approval.

“Once we have the support from the City of Fresno, the Board of Supervisors will be in a position to then place that measure on the ballot. Friday is the drop-dead deadline for us to get Measure C on the ballot,” he said.

The half-cent sales tax has funded local roads and transportation for decades. If renewed, Measure C would be in place from 2027 to 2057 and would generate an estimated $6.8 billion. Laura Moreno with Friends of Calwa says the measure does not give enough back to the community and the county has more time to come up with a better plan.

“They need to get down and really engage with the community. Come out here to the neighborhoods, see what is exactly needed in these neighborhoods,” she said.

Supervisor Magsig says the board has had meetings open to the public for more than a year and a half and they feel a sense of urgency to get Measure C on the ballot so they can rewrite it if necessary.

“If you look at the last Measure C, the first time it was put before voters, it did not pass. If you wait until the very last moment to extend Measure C, to me, that is the worst way to go,” he said.

The Fresno City Council is going to meet about Measure C on Thursday. If they approve the final plan, the Board of Supervisors will be able to put it on the ballot.