FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE): After months of services held inside the Tower Theatre, Adventure Church has moved its sound and lighting equipment out of the building which is now owned the City of Fresno.

City employees and a few people from Adventure Church gathered what was left of the church’s equipment on Tuesday morning.

“The church came in to remove equipment and property. [Tuesday] focused on the sound and lighting equipment that had been installed in the theater, but everything went smoothly, and the church is all done,” said the City of Fresno’s Gregory Barfield.

This day was planned with Adventure Church.

“This was day two of two. This equipment was all a paper of their daily every-service usage. The last two days worked out very well were yesterday, they removed a whole truck, and today was primarily sound and lighting equipment,” said Barfield.

Barfield did not confirm whether this move out by Adventure Church was permanent.

Calls to Adventure Church, and their attorney’s office, were not responded to by the time this report aired.

Adventure Church has been involved in legal action against the City of Fresno over its decision to purchase the property. City leaders say what’s happening is all part of the process.

“We’ll now have staff go in to do assessments on the HVAC and heating. We’ll also do some additional assessments on to deferred maintenance that will be needed to bring the tower back to its glory,” said Barfield.

Jaguar Bennett, an organizer with the Save the Tower Committee, considers the church’s move a major turning point.

“The city owns it now and it is right and proper that Adventure Church should take its equipment out. I think this eliminates any uncertainty over who is actually using the building, and who actually owns the building,” he said.

Bennett was a huge advocate against the theater being sold to Adventure Church. He now considers the Adventure Church chapter closed.