MADERA, California (KSEE) – The search continues for a missing 2-year-old from Madera. Police believe Thaddeus Sran could be in danger.

Officers say Thaddeus was last seen by his parents Tuesday night when they went to bed around 10 p.m. They woke up around 8:30 a.m. to find their son was gone.

Thaddeus was last seen wearing a red shirt and Spider-Man pants. Police say he was born premature and has serious medical needs including the need to use a feeding tube.

“We’re not ruling anything out at this point, it could be that somehow he got out of the house, it could be an abduction, everything is on the table, we are leaving no stone unturned,” said Madera Police Chief Dino Lawson.

Lawson says the family moved into their home on the 800 block of C street a few weeks ago.​

“I’m just a little confused because there hasn’t been anything happening around here, like crimes or anything,” said neighbor Karla Aguilar.​

Aguilar’s little brother is Thaddeus’s age. She says her siblings usually play outside but on Wednesday they decided to stay in. That afternoon, Rosalina Campos and her kids decided to search for the little boy themselves, driving through the neighborhood, calling out the window for him.

“I saw a picture of him so I know who we are looking for and we hope we can find him because I find it sad,” said 12-year-old Mariah Campos.

The Campos don’t know the family personally but understand their hardships. They lost one of their own children to a medical condition a few years ago.

“I used to watch my little brother every day so I know you have to be checking up on them,” said Campos.

They searched the neighborhood for hours but saw no sight of Thaddeus.

“With the murder that happened yesterday [Tuesday] and the little boy missing, we should all come together as a community to try and find this little boy, just help each other out,” said Rosalina Campos.​

Madera County Sheriff’s Office says no Amber Alert has been activated at this time because the case needs to meet certain requirements, including identifying a suspect or a suspect vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Madera Police Department at 559-675-4220.