FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — Officials in the City of Fresno say they have taken a proactive approach in attempting to ensure the safety of all of the Fresno population during the severe weather expected this week

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said that while the City of Fresno is grateful for the rain, it does present some challenges that officials worked on during the weekend to be prepared for the week including pockets of flooding, potholes, downed trees, and a homeless population in need of a storm shelter.

Mayor Dyer encouraged Fresno residents to avoid travel if possible, suggesting that if the option is available, for people to work from home. If you need to drive in the rain, remember to use caution and reduce your speed.

If you see something that needs attention like a fallen or leaning tree, a pothole, or a fallen stop sign, etc. city officials say to please call 311 or use the FresGO app. They also say not to assume that the City knows about something that needs attention.

In order to assist Fresno’s unhoused residents, the City of Fresno has opened four 24-hour-a-day storm relief centers through Sunday, January 15. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided at these locations through the Poverello House as well as cots and blankets.

The three locations are as follows:

  • Maxie L. Parks Community Center – 1802 E California Ave.
  • Mosqueda Community Center – 4670 E Butler Ave.
  • Pinedale Community Center – 7170 N. San Pablo Ave.
  • Ted C. Wills Community Center – 770 N San Pablo Ave.

Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderamma says that their bike teams will be in vehicles going to known areas where unhoused residents stay to inform them of the shelters as well as to offer rides. The Fresno HART team will be going to similar areas to hand out flyers about the shelters. The 22-member HOPE team will also be working around the clock for those that need rides, the FAX bus service will also be giving free rides to the shelters.

Mayor Dyer and Chief Balderamma also shared that during this time, there will be no relocation of encampments in the city. Mayor Dyer finished by saying that Fresno residents should “stay dry, and stay calm.”