FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – It was a violent weekend in Fresno, with five total shootings, a triple stabbing, and three children being rushed to the hospital — all within a 48-hour span.

The violent weekend prompted Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama to hold a press conference Monday, detailing what happened.

Despite the shootings that claimed the lives of 73-year-old Robert Torres, and 20-year-old Monte Jordan, Fresno police said the number of homicides is down this year compared to last year.

So far in 2022, there have been 38 murders throughout the city through nearly 8 months.

In 2021 through the same timeframe, the murder count was 51, a 25% decrease.

“I’m very proud of the efforts of my police department over the last year, we have to address the violent crime we have seen over the last 48 hours,” said Chief Paco Balderrama.

Shootings are also down nearly 34% compared to 2021.

“Now, I will tell you this, we haven’t had a homicide in over a month,” Balderrama said. “We’ve seen some very positive results, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back to the drawing board and find out what the connection is.”

There are still things that concern the chief of police. Balderrama says the number of shots fired at each shooting is going up, with some hitting 80 rounds fired.

The number of ghost guns or unregistered guns that have been recovered is also on the rise.

“Now, we’re seeing 25% to upwards of 30% of the guns that we take off the streets every day are unregistered firearms. Meaning, they are being put together in someone’s basement, someone’s garage. Usually in possession of an individual who has no business owning a firearm,” he said.

90% of homicides throughout the city involve a gun.

Of those homicides, half are classified as gang-related.

“The laws here in California are extremely weak when it comes to juveniles. That’s a motivating factor for gangs, to look for younger and younger shooters, which is very scary. That’s why you have to push back with positive programs for the youth,” said Chief Balderrama.

“We have to increase our relationships; we have to gain trust in our community,” said Aaron Foster, the program director for Advance Peace.

Foster’s work focuses on trying to reduce gun violence, specifically in gangs.

“We have to continue to give resources to a younger demographic, and that only happens when you know the people and know what they need,” said Foster.

Officials from Advance Peace said they place their youth in specialized fellowships to give them guidance.

Foster mentioned some shootings could be retaliation or trigger retaliation that may lead to more deaths and shootings.

“We respond after the fact, and we’re really good at it. We respond, we work the scene, we solve the crime, we put someone in jail, but then what?” asked Chief Balderrama.

Balderrama said there will be more patrols and more officers out during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

With the heat and the holiday, officers are preparing for the worst in case there is more violence.