FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – People are celebrating Veterans Day all around the valley this week. 

A fall flag-changing ceremony was held to honor those who have served.

It was a sea of uniforms at the avenue of flags with heartfelt words and a special flag-changing ceremony folding of our nation’s flag.

The biannual event is put together by the Office of Community Development and Civic Engagement.

Organizers say it ensures the VA hospital and its monuments are adorned with new and vibrant flags just in time for Veterans Day.

“When I came here we would call up a few of our volunteers to change the flag here in the avenue of flags and also in our walk of honor and I saw this as an opportunity to bring youth into the fold, teach reverends for veterans for flags,” said Lucas Corriea, Asst. Chief for the Center for Development and Civic Engagement, the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital. 

The event has gotten bigger and bigger every year and they say youth organizations have embraced the project, learning the stories behind each flag and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“It started up with calling up a couple of boy scout troops and it kinda evolved from there where we have cub scouts, junior ROTC, Fresno State ROTC, young Marines, we even ended up with a middle school football team this year, so this is actually the biggest event we’ve had so far,” said Corriea. 

Congressman Jim Costa was present at this event, as he stood alongside families, watching as the flags were raised high.

“To see young people here begin to understand the importance in the symbolism of our flag, not only for all Americans, the men, and women who have served our nation and our military services but in some cases those who made the ultimate sacrifices,” said Costa. 

Dozens of flags were changed and raised one by one and each one was taken down, folded, and respected for the freedom it symbolizes to our great nation.