FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – At a chilly and foggy River Park Saturday night, holiday shoppers packed the area, many of which with a clear mission in mind: finish shopping for the holidays, or just get started.

“I’ve covered about 10% of the family so I got about 90% left. So um, I think we’re gonna try to get the majority and then maybe anything that’s left over try and hit it during the week,” said Beau Miracle, a shopper there said.

“Well, I actually started my Christmas shopping today. Pretty much like everybody else probably, so, um waited til late in the evening, Saturday before Christmas Eve,” said Cristel Salcido, another at River Park.

And if you could see the parking lot or the stores, you would know these two were not alone.

One store even had a line that came out the front door.

“So far so good. Little cold and chaotic and um, as you see it’s very crowded so we’re waiting in line,” said Ashly Perry as she waited in line.

While it’s clear shoppers made plenty of purchases out at the shopping center Saturday, according to this year’s NerdWallet holiday shopping report, 83% of holiday shoppers have changed their habits thanks to rising costs and inflation.

That might mean they could choose to give different types of gifts…

“I’m just getting essential things you know, like clothing. You know, the underwear, socks, t-shirts,” said Salcido.

…Or that they plan to spend less per person this year, compared to years past.

“It’s a little cutback but not too much. But due to inflation, yeah definitely,” said Perry.

Others don’t plan to sacrifice their gift giving, no matter the cost.

“I’m going hard. Yeah I’m just gonna go as hard as I can and then uh, depending on what happens with the recession you know, I went all in you know?”, said Miracle.

Either way, with Christmas just days away, you will likely experience the same sort of shopping center crowds, if you’ve put off your holiday shopping until now.