FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – With heavy rain in the forecast tonight cities throughout the valley are preparing for possible flooding. 

With the ground already saturated from previous rainfall the valley could be much more prone to flooding. 

Crews are quickly pumping water between ponding braising to make room for incoming rainfall. 

“Basically, these basins are vital to keeping stormwater off the street and out of the neighborhoods,” said Jarod Takimoto with the Fresno Metropolitan Flood District. 

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District works hand and hand to keep roadways clear. 

“We just kinda coordinate off efforts particular during these storm events we help them monitor their basin areas make us aware of some critical areas,” said Rob Rush, Utilities Manager with the City of Clovis.  

With more than 160 ponding basins between both cities, crews will have their hands full. 

“We have close to 50 staff who are on call and available the real key is preparation, we’ve been out there well in advance checking every pump, we’ve been clearing drains,” said Scott Mozier with the City of Fresno Public Works. 

If you feel like your home is at risk of flooding, the City of Fresno and Clovis are offering free sandbags.