TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Tulare County unified command released updated information Thursday with new evacuation orders, warnings, and evacuation centers for both people and animals.

Evacuation Orders:

All residences and businesses, in the Alpaugh area. This order consists of all roads, avenues, and access roads within the communities of Alpaugh.

North and south bank of the Tule River from Westwood Street east to the Plano Bridge.

The south side of the 200 block of Rio Vista Avenue.

West of Porterville on Olive Ave (Ave 152) to Ave 144 and the Friant/Kern Canal to the Tule River and Westwood St.

Areas near or between Ave. 192 to the north and the north branch of the Tule River to the south, and on, near, or between Highway 99 to the west and Road 152 to the east.

**The order does not include Highway 190 or the residents and businesses along Highway 190 from Road 284 to the Schafer Dam.

All residences and businesses south of Avenue 84, south on Road 128/130 to Deer Creek, east along the north bank of Deer Creek to Road 140, north along Road 140 to Avenue 84, and west on Avenue 84 to Road 128, and all roads and avenues in between.

Businesses and residences along Road 124, south of Avenue 408 down to Railroad Drive to Santa Fe Drive, which turns into Eddy, from Avenue 407 to Lee Road to Avenue 408. The road is closed at Road 124, south of Avenue 408.

Along Highway 198 east of High Sierra Drive to Yokohl Drive in Exeter. Highway 198 is closed to eastbound traffic at Road 196. These evacuation orders are for residents and businesses along 198 at Road 217, Badger Hill Avenue, Avenue 295, and Eaton Road.

Three Rivers area
All homes and businesses on North Fork Drive south of the Baillie Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); All homes and businesses on South Fork Drive north of Conley Bridge to Sierra Drive (Highway 198); All homes and businesses along the Middle Fork, Sierra Drive (Highway 198) to the National Park boundary, including Mineral King Road.

Springville area
Along the south bank of the Tule River, the homes and businesses from the Lower Rio Vista east of Bridge Drive to east of Pleasant Oak Drive on Highway 190. This will include all roads, access roads, and areas in between. Pleasant Oak Drive is not included.

Evacuation Warnings

Both sides of the Tule River from Richard L. Schafer Dam at Lake Success in Porterville to the east side of Road 284.

From Schafer Dam, west on Avenue 146 to Road 284, south on Road 284 to the south side of the Tule River, from the south side of the Tule River to the Schafer Dam, and north along Schafer Dam to Avenue 146.

The residences and businesses within 1/8th of a mile of both sides of the Tule River.

Three Rivers area
North Fork Drive north of the Bailey Bridge and all residences on South Fork Drive south of the Connelly Bridge.

Shelter in Place

Homes and businesses along the Kern River area, Mountain Highway 99, Johnsondale/Riverkern, and North Fork, north of the Bailey Bridge, South Fork, south of the Connelly bridge. The Tule River from Richard L. Schafer Dam at Lake Success, to Olive Ave.

Evacuation Centers

Exeter Veterans Memorial Building
234 N. Kaweah Ave. in Exeter
Open 24hrs

Porterville College Gym
100 E. College Ave. in Porterville
Open 24hrs

Tulare County Fairgrounds
620 South K Street in Tulare
Open 24 hrs