New information on the deaths of twin boys in the south valley. A mother of twin baby boys is accused of drowning them in a bathtub at a Tulare motel.

“But she was like ‘I almost drowned them. I almost drowned them’ and then I flagged down the police,” said Maria Marez.

Police say 37-year-old Heather Langdon drowned her two babies. Ten-month-old twin boys. Mason Murguia and Maddox Murguia. Family members sharing this precious memory and they say each twin had their own special personality. But on Thursday morning, Tulare police say Heather Langdon drowned her twins in a bathtub at the Virginia Motor Lodge.

“She kept saying that ‘I almost drowned them. I almost drowned by babies’ and she was trying to help the babies but I didn’t know that they were already deceased,” said Marez.

Marez says she ran to room 24 when she heard Langdon call for help but it was too late.

“Sad. Real sad that I saw something like that,” said Marez.

Surveillance video from late Wednesday night shows Tulare Police officers drop Langdon off at the motel along with the twins. Sergeant Jon Hamlin says Langdon had been staying at a nearby women’s shelter but got kicked out.

“Officers arrived there and the shelter asked that she leave the for causing the disturbances,” said Hamlin.

Susan Diaz stays right next door. She says she saw Langdon later that night in a daze.

“She was just standing there looking around. She looked kind of worried like something was wrong.”

Family members say Langdon and her ex-husband have been divorced for a few years. They share three more sons — ages 14, 13 and five. Neighbors are still shaken by this tragedy.

“Got to take it day by day and remember this day. December 6th for the rest of my life,” said Marez.

The staff at Lighthouse Rescue Mission says they’re the only women’s shelter in Tulare but could not confirm if Langdon had stayed there.