VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Officials with Tulare County urge residents to prepare for what meteorologists predict will be another ‘significant storm.’

County authorities said they are closely monitoring the forecast for an Atmospheric River storm that will likely arrive late Thursday, affecting the area through Saturday, with additional storms expected for next week. Experts said high precipitation and snow totals with this storm system are likely to cause hazardous conditions.

For this reason, authorities asked residents to prepare now, especially in areas at risk of being isolated by snow or road bridge closures by following these steps:

• Stock up on several days’ worth of food, water, medications, and other necessary supplies
• Refill home propane tanks and/or secure adequate firewood for heating
• Refill primary and backup fuel supplies for generators and vehicles
• Charge backup batteries for your electronic devices
• Sandbag vulnerable structures in low-lying areas and near creeks, streams, rivers, canals, or other waterways
• Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle with food, water, and blankets in case you become stranded; do not leave your vehicle if stranded in the snow

Sandbags are available at many locations throughout Tulare County. For a list and map of locations click here.

Also, follow these general safety tips around flooded or snowed-in areas:

• Never drive into flood waters – they are deeper, colder, and faster-moving than they appear
• Do not operate electrical equipment in standing water
• Operate generators only in well-ventilated areas
• Do not use ovens, ranges, or barbeques for home heating

For updates during major events including storms and flooding, visit the Tulare County Emergencies website.

Register for AlertTC here.

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