FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The attorney for a professor at Fresno City College and the Ram’s former men’s basketball coach is speaking out after claims surfaced that the coach threatened to shoot students and college officials at the beginning of the semester.

“We deny the allegations and look forward to proving Mr. Madec’s innocence in court,” said Robert Carroll, the attorney for Ed Madec, in a statement to

Madec was arrested on Monday, Oct. 16, two months after the alleged threats were made, and he is now out on bail since being arrested Friday. He faces two felony counts for making threats against students and officials.

The letter from Madec’s attorney stated the information against him was incorrect and wrong.

“On Aug. 22, 2023, Ed Madec arrived at Fresno City College (hereinafter FCC) to teach his class and was told he was being put on administrative leave for alleged threats made on Aug. 15. Between Aug 15 to 22, Mr. Madec had taught at least five classes on campus. The school took no action for seven days. That fact alone casts doubt on these allegations,” said Carroll.

The State Center Community College District Police (SCCCD) detail that Madec compared bullet points in a PowerPoint presentation to bullets “flying” toward students.

Madec was placed on administrative leave and then charged on Aug. 22, one week after the incident allegedly took place but FCC students didn’t find out until Monday morning.

In 2020, Madec filed a lawsuit against the college after he was removed as the Ram’s men’s basketball coach. That lawsuit was dismissed in July of that year.

“In the 2020 case, an Administrative Judge after listening to all the evidence ordered FCC to reinstate Mr. Madec in his teaching position. Further, the Judge said Mr. Madec was to be commended and admired for what he was doing in helping students. He also found Mr. Madec to be honest and credible as a witness. FCC appealed this ruling to Fresno County Superior Court and again lost. The Judge scolded FCC for their treatment of Mr. Madec saying, ‘while not malicious, it certainly comes across as embarrassing if not shameful.’ We encourage everyone to read the Administrative Law Opinion as well as the Fresno County Superior Court Opinion,” said Carroll.

Carroll added that there was only one correct part to all the claims – Madec being removed from his coaching position for providing food and affordable housing to students who were financially poor.

“The coaching was an ‘At will’ position. ‘At will’ meaning the school can remove an individual anytime with or without cause. Apparently helping students with food and housing is not something FCC believes is appropriate for a Coach,” said Carroll.

Carroll finished by saying that Madec is not angry, but that he is disappointed and hurt that people he has trusted and worked for the majority of his adult life are making these allegations against him.

“We will vigorously defend Mr. Madec and are confident the truth will prevail thereby clearing him of any wrongdoing in all matters,” said Carroll.