TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE) – Authorities are revealing more information on a national drug and firearm conspiracy that’s tied to a Tulare County triple homicide. 

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office says they’re calling the investigation Operation Trailblazer.

Operation Trailblazer goes back to a triple homicide that left three teens dead in 2020 outside Golden West High School in Visalia. Tulare County’s sheriff says the initial phases of the operation are over and they’ve just made even more arrests.

“Because of that case we learned of this,” explained Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

The investigation led their deputies uncovering a massive multi-national drug and fire arm conspiracy.

“When people hear cases and say oh well this is just marijuana, no this is a highly organized militaristic organization.” 

Boudreaux revealed on Monday that they have made two more major arrests in what’s now Phase 2 of Operation Trailblazer. 

Tulare County deputies have since seized 53 guns, nearly 800 pounds of marijuana, 15,000 marijuana plants, and over $300,000 cash. Boudreaux says what they’ve been able to seize so far is just the start.

“As well as marijuana coming from here and going into Mexico, guns are coming across the border and guns are coming into Mexico.”

Boudreaux says they’ve taken 30-year-old Joe and Sirjoe Carmona, two brothers from Ivanhoe, into custody. The brothers are considered the main suspects in Phase 2 of the operation.

“Really our goal is to make sure that really criminal organizations do not exist. I would like to say that we completely dismantled it: we have not dismantled it, we’ve disrupted it significantly at this point.”

Sheriff Boudreaux revealed that deputies have already started on Phase 3 of Operation Trailblazer.