Trio rescues eight-week old puppy along the side of the San Joaquin River

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A heartbreaking discovery on the San Joaquin River, a mother dog found dead and her puppy right by her side.

The puppy was saved from the side of a cliff by Pinky Paws Rescue of Fresno.

Cell phone video shows the moment an eight-week old puppy was rescued from the side of a steep cliff along the river, and the puppy’s mother had been tied to a tree – and left there.

“The momma was tied up to a branch and she, what I’m assuming she fell off the side and it hung her, and she died that way,” said Allen Woodward, one of the rescuers.

Woodward, his wife Krystle, and their friend Kerbee Kerber launched their search after seeing a post on social media. A fisherman had spotted the puppy and tried to catch her, but couldn’t.

He was able to get her.

“She was just going under brush trying to keep away from me, didn’t know if I was going to hurt her. And then she finally gave up, and got submissive and so I picked her up,” he explained.

They’ve named the puppy “River,” she was covered in ticks and fleas. A veterinarian checked her out and said she’s in surprisingly good health, considering what she’s gone through.

“She’s not out of the woods. But she will be fixed when she’s ready and get everything microchip and all that good stuff and her immune system builds up for that,” Krystle Woodward says.

Allen Woodward adds, “He’s on an uphill state right now, which is good. So we’re just now, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that she continues to have an appetite and hope for the best.”

The rescue is always accepting donations to continue helping animals in the Central Valley.

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