FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Tuesday was the final day to bring units up to code at the former Trails End mobile home park – now been renamed La Hacienda Mobile Estates.

Code enforcers worked to determine whether residents would be able to stay or if they would be evicted. It’s the latest chapter in the ongoing saga which started in April of 2021 when a resident died during a two-trailer fire.

The park had been ordered closed by the state when the fire broke out. Many of the residents at the park have been forced to scramble to meet code in the 60-day time frame.

They say it has been tough and that they haven’t gotten much help. They faced an ultimatum to either clean up the park or be forced to leave.

Patricia Shawn, who has lived in the park since 1997 is disabled and survives solely based on social security. Eviction for her would mean catastrophe.

“If I was to have to leave here, I would literally have no place to go. Me and some of the other tenants were talking, oh well maybe we’ll be neighbors underneath the overpass,” she said.

Shaun believes she passed her code inspection.

But under new ownership from Harmony Communities, whose rules go into effect in April, she thinks she’ll have plenty more to do.

“Their rules are different. The stuff you see in my yard now will have to go. Everything.”

Mariah Thompson, who represents roughly a dozen park tenants, said Harmony has a rule which will only allow limited items and trash cans outside tenant homes.

“With this particular company, people can be evicted for having toys outside their house. People can be evicted because their hose was uncoiled,” said Thompson with California Rural Legal Assistance.

As of now, residents pay roughly $300 per month for rent.

In January that can only rise to about $320, thanks to Fresno’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Without rent control, Thompson said they could have faced anywhere from a 40% to 60% increase as she has seen at other Harmony Communities properties in the past.

Park residents should find where they stand in terms of whether they will be evicted in a few days.

A request for information from Harmony Communities about when those evictions would take place was not responded to.