FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – This Wednesday marks the 10th Anniversary of DACA. The program started in 2012 by the Obama Administration has faced near termination and gained lots of support.

Although this day was commemorated by many, DACA recipients, and supporters of DACA aren’t calling this a celebration, but rather, a call to action.

“In many ways, we weren’t hoping to celebrate a 10-year,” said Gustavo Gasca Gomez.

Several DACA recipients and supporters of the program gathered outside of the Fresno Superior Courthouse not for a celebration, but to un-pause the program and accept new ‘dreamers’.

“We are trying to let the public know, we’re grateful, but we are calling to action people who can see the very human element behind the stories, behind who I am,” said Gomez.

“It’s like a love-hate relationship, you’re appreciative that you have this opportunity to work without the fear of getting deported, but it’s been too long for this band-aid to a bigger issue. We need immigration reform,” said Sheyla Castillo, an immigration rights associate at SIREN.

Gomez and Castillo are both DACA recipients.

Now, they use their college degrees that DACA helped them achieve, and their voice to bring attention to this issue, that is already affecting many just like them.

“We’re often told to lower our expectations and ask for less, but the truth is when we do that, we condemn future generations to headache and trauma like what is occurring with DACA now,” said Castillo at the podium of the commemoration.

“We’re talking about 800,000 children throughout the entire country. And now, DACA is at risk,” said Olga Grosh, an immigration lawyer in Fresno.

For them, the message is clear.

“We don’t want to celebrate another 10 years. We don’t want to commemorate 20 years of DACA,” concluded Gomez.

“DACA is like Ibuprofen for a fractured ankle, only a temporary solution to something more serious. Only solves the pain for now, but doesn’t address the issue at hand, we need immigration reform,” said Castillo.

The DACA program has been halted since July 2021 when a district judge ordered the white house to close the program.

It now goes to the circuit court of appeals on July 6th and will more than likely head to the supreme court after that.