HANFORD, California (KGPE) — Patients in the Hanford area will soon be getting the hospital in their own homes, thanks to a new hospital model by Adventist Health Hanford.

Fears over COVID-19 are keeping people away from the emergency room at the hospital, according to internal medicine physician Dr. Gurvinder Kaur. She adds it’s causing its own set of medical problems with people delaying their treatments.

“If they have chest pains, respiratory issues — they’re trying to manage that at home,” Kaur said. “Even though they might know they need to go to the hospital or emergency room.”

To avoid that delay in care, Kaur helped launch Adventist Health Hospital@Home this week. Nurses and doctors now will monitor some patients from a command center at the hospital 24/7. The center has 40 workstations equipped with cameras, headsets and other technology that can monitor things such as blood pressure.

Aside from ensuring proper health care, the model also helps the hospital keep enough beds available in the case of a COVID-19 surge in the area.

Right now, the command center is geared to provide care for up to 50 patients. Local patients will be enrolled starting Monday, right now staff are caring for patients in Simi Valley. Kaur said the goal is to eventually be able to treat 150 patients at once.

All patients enrolled get a kit that includes things like an iPad and a scale, but depending on treatment they can get more brought to their home.

“We’re taking nursing to their homes, medications, IV lines, IV tubing — lots of things that have to be delivered to their home to be able to set it up,” Kaur said.

The hospital’s ER patients can be referred to this. However, Kaur said she hopes to expand the criteria for referral soon.

“We can give them the excellent physician and medical care to their homes without having to depend on building up these brick and mortar hospitals. I think this is the future of medicine,” she said.

This model was also rolled out in Bakersfield, among other around the state.

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