FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE/KSEE) – Veterans Boulevard is now open in North Fresno, which is now the new intersection located near Herndon and Shaw Ave.

Organizers say this is expected to dramatically cut down on traffic and delays from freight trains.

City officials expect the commute to be much faster. Funding for the project came from local state and Measure C funds. The city of Fresno says that the project was ahead of schedule and under budget – they also say that will improve the city as a whole. 

City planners estimate that 70,000 vehicles will ultimately travel on the interchange every day.

“Veterans Boulevard will provide a sufficient east-west connection for those living west of the 99 freeway, often referred to as the forgotten part of Fresno,” said Mayor Jerry Dyer, “We are here today collectively to say that is a part of Fresno, that will be forgotten no more.”

The city says now the project will include a six-lane passageway, along with landscape additions including a pedestrian trail, and a two-way bike path. The trail is the first walking and biking trail with a grade-separated crossing of freeway ramps in the Fresno region.

Officials say the new intersection will be fully open to traffic on Tuesday at 5 a.m.