MADERA, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Madera Unified students are taking a stand against bullying by using an app that was built in 2019 called “STOPit.”

“It’s a tool that allows students to use their voice to report things that they feel are unsafe or could cause potential harm to a classmate,” said Brian Riddle who is the Culture and Climate Coach for Madera Unified.

Now four years after the app was first introduced, students have made a new video encouraging students to use the STOPit app, urging them to say something if they see something.

The new video was co-produced by students from the  Madera Unified School District as a way to bring more awareness to the app and share a relatable message.  

“We really wanted to put something together that really makes the students feel like they’re connected because they see their classmates, they see their peers and it’s providing scenes that they see most common on campuses,” said Riddle.

The video aims to remind students that they can use the STOPit app as a vital resource to anonymously report any bullying both on campus and on social media.

“Kids are going home and then they get on their social medias and it’s there as well, so this is another tool that really helps us prevent that because it has a feature where you can screenshot a text and upload that photo so we have evidence and proof to start an investigation on that bullying,” said Riddle.

Administrators say the STOPit app has helped prevent fights and has helped students who are inflicting self-harm. 

One of the four students who previously was part of the  Board of Trustees and has now graduated is Genesis Guillen, she says today all of their hard work finally paid off. 

”We worked on this for about a year and today it finally launched, and the point was for them to actually connect to the video as these problems go on in everyday life,” said Guillen.

Along with encouraging students to anonymously report any bullying, they also hope the app helps change the stigma behind using your voice.  

“They should not be considered a snitch, this is helping out, this is a resource that is there for you to help out your peers, friends, or anyone around it’s not snitching,” said Guillen.

Students can download the app by visiting the Madera South High School website.