FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The fate of the US House of Representatives is now down to a few races left, two of which are right here in the Central Valley: District 22, between David Valadao and Rudy Salas and District 13 where Adam Gray is up against John Duarte.

Surprisingly, all four of these candidates were in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

Campaign managers tell us they will even go to new member orientation Wednesday, along with their opponents, to be prepared should they win. We asked campaign managers for each of the four candidates for interviews today, but each declined.

California, unlike some other states, took the long weekend off, which has further complicated the final tally.

“They’re probably trying to be you know, very careful and as transparent as possible in this process, and that does slow down things a little bit,” said political analyst Tom Holyoke.

The tighter of the two races recently showed Adam Gray leading John Duarte by just hundreds of votes. But that could change fast.

“That is going to probably continue to be a nail-biter and you could seesaw back and forth… it’s a good example of how everyone’s vote really counts,” said Holyoke.

Counties will continue to release updates on vote count. Officials have until December 9 to certify the election.