FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Fresno High School confirmed that there was no attack on the school Monday afternoon after rumors swirled of an explosive device thrown into a stairwell.

School officials say a student at Fresno High set off a model rocket engine, similar to a large firecracker, in a stairwell during the school day.

“For those near the area, the sound was incredibly loud, and smoke filled the area. These students and staff had no idea what caused the noise – which in today’s school environment all our minds would go to the worst case scenario, that the school was under some sort of attack,” Fresno Unified School District said.

Immediately following, a staff member investigated the area and was able to quickly and clearly see that it was a model rocket engine that caused the disturbance. It was clear there was no current or continuing danger, fire, or damage to the school, according to officials.

School officials say a lockdown was not called as there was no threat or danger to the school and that a message was sent home to families to inform them of the incident after school that day.

Through the investigation, authorities say they were able to identify the student responsible by collecting many witness statements and reviewing surveillance footage in the surrounding areas. Appropriate disciplinary action is being taken against the student responsible for the incident, FUSD says.

That experience of absolute fear should NEVER happen on our school campuses. Our students and staff should be safe, happy, and secure at school – ALWAYS. There is no excuse… The facts are important to clear any confusion or rumors – but they do not change the emotional trauma of those who experienced this…We are committed as a district to adapting our safety supports to the current realities our district and others are facing across the nation.

Fresno Unified School District

School officials say that they will be laying out our bigger plans for infrastructure and supports across the district in campus safety, safety through prevention and intervention, and safety through classroom management next week.