FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – If you think your neighbors decorate for the holidays too early imagine living on Fresno’s famous Christmas Tree Lane.

Christmas Tree Lane’s Dean Alexander and his team began setting up his home’s Christmas decorations on October 15.

“We don’t have Halloween, we don’t have Thanksgiving, we just have Christmas,” said Alexander.

As chairman of Christmas Tree Lane, Alexander says he’s not only in charge of setting up his own yard but placing wood cut-out characters on the yards of those who don’t get into the holiday spirit.

For the last seven weekends, he and his team have been transforming his home into a winter wonderland.

Setting up an enormous light-up castle, a self-driving train, and much more.

“You know just giving back to Fresno, it takes a lot of time it takes over 2,000 hours to get this thing ready to go,” Alexander continued.

His driveway has more than 100 bins full of decorations he will put up.

Each year he hires employees from his engineering business to help set up on the weekends.

“I come out and help like a lot of us do because we love Dean and we love Christmas. For me Christmas Tree Lane is a family tradition, we did it as I was growing up it makes me feel good to know I had a part in putting it together,”  said Suzanne Kenithzer.

Alexander has been decorating his home for more than 30 years.

“In the previous house we lived in, I never decorated, then we moved to the lane … the first year I put displays out cars started flying by and I go they are not appreciating my display it started from there, and then love of Christmas,” said Alexander.

Alexander and his team say it is a hassle to get all of this done but to see the smiles on people’s faces is worth it.

Those smiling faces will be seen through a window this year because the lane has decided not to do walk nights over Covid 19 concerns.

For now, there is still work to be done before it’s ready for the on-switch to be flipped.

Christmas tree lane will open on December 1.