CLOVIS, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – In a report detailing the activities of the Clovis Police Department in 2022, officers revealed the top 10 traffic citations made by the police department.

According to the report, the Clovis Police Department issued 4,106 traffic citations in 2022 – down by 16% from the previous year. The top 10 intersections for citations are mostly on Shaw and Herndon avenue.

The top 10 citations were:

  1. Motor vehicle required to be registered (801 citations issued)
  2. Unsafe speed (526 citations issued)
  3. Failure to prove financial responsibility at a peace officer’s request (523 citations issued)
  4. Notice to appear, warrant issued (437 citations issued)
  5. Driving without a valid driver’s license (322 citations issued)
  6. Tinted windows, material affixed to windshield or driver/passenger window (288 citations issued)
  7. Use of handheld/electronic wireless device while driving (189 citations issued)
  8. On a cell phone, not hands-free (158 citations issued)
  9. Failure to stop at a stop sign (130 citations issued)
  10. No plates, or one missing (120 citations issued)

The report was prepared by the Clovis Police Department’s Crime Analysis Unit.